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28th January 2015

UK Hotels & Hospitality: Prospects for 2015

Markets / Hotels and Events

The defining characteristic of the British hotel sector has become change. Changes in ownership, changes in consumer profile, behaviour and mindset. Further change will be driven by technology. This change is happening at breakneck speed. Making sense of the business implications will separate the winners from the losers. How do we expect these agents of change to shape the sector in 2015 and beyond?

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26th January 2015

Science, art and usefulness

Customers /

People think differently, and it’s useful to stretch that range of thinking beyond the client or professional ‘expert’ consultants. Sometimes respondents provide greater clarity and insight simply because they don’t know any better. Sometimes they are spectacularly wrong about something, but in a way that’s interesting. It is our job as researchers to recognise these moments and distil them in a way that’s useful for our clients.

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20th January 2015

Why hotel brand consolidation won’t be happening any time soon

Brands / Hotels and Events

Regardless of the growth of international hospitality businesses, the hotels sector remains highly fragmented with vast numbers of domestic and regional brands catering to the needs of their local markets. For in spite of the growth of international travel, in all but the smallest of countries the bulk of hotel demand is domestically generated, so creating a niche for local brands to prosper.

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6th January 2015

The Staycation on the slide? How accurate was Holiday trends 2014?

Markets / Culture, Tourism and Leisure

Holiday Trends 2014 predicted a drop in Britons taking a ‘Staycation’, 45% stating they were seriously considering taking a main holiday in the UK compared to 56% in 2013 and 58% in 2012. Our research was given widespread coverage in the press – The Times and the Evening Standard sounded the death knell of the staycation and a number of others joined them. We were not quite so pessimistic.

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