Hotel Guest Survey

Conducted in 35 countries worldwide, most of the world’s leading hotel companies use BDRC’s Hotel Guest Survey (HGS) to track the health and competitive positioning of their brands as well as their competitors.

Released annually in each market, comprehensive HGS reports are based upon thousands of interviews with nationally-representative samples of business and leisure travellers. Data records stretch back to the 1980s, offering a long term perspective on hotel market developments.

Appealing, intuitively-presented report decks allow for easy distribution of insight within the organisation and to asset managers/owners. Outputs are used by clients to inform strategic decisions, monitor brand performance, drive guest experience optimisation, and to support brand distribution development/market entry. An online reporting interface allows analysts to run custom data queries to answer very specific, specialist questions.

Annual awards for No.1 Brand, Most Improved Brand and Best Guest Experience generate PR opportunities for groups and brands.

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