Moments of Truth - NPS benchmarking

Customer experience benchmarking for banks and financial services


Companies with better than average NPS scores are more profitable in the long term. The only drawback with NPS is that, like most things, it doesn’t flourish in a vacuum. Without comparison with competitor brands, it rather loses the point.

Moments of Truth, our NPS Benchmarking for financial services brands, runs twice yearly. Our clients can view their customer experience scores in context and understand the factors driving NPS – at both transactional and relationship levels. Our substantial nat-rep sample of 15,000 UK customers generates solid benchmarks across each touch-point. We include mosaic segmentation analysis and have the additional option for subscribers to play confidential questions in the survey. Or supply a customer sample of their own.

We benchmark outcomes on around 20 key customer experiences to develop NPS ratings at brand level. Main product holding relationships are established and NPS is investigated at that level as well. Key Driver Analysis identifies factors influencing NPS outcomes to guide subscribers’ actions.

Our webinar (fill in your details to receive an instant email with the webinar link) shows Moments of Truth benchmarks exploring the impact of machines on branch experience.

2016/17 Winter update - welcoming new subscribers

Download: Latest Proposal

The H2 survey will be the 6th bi-annual Moments of Truth benchmarking wave, built on 15,000 interviews with a nationally representative sample of consumers and their engagement with 20 Moments of Truth.

The 2017 survey is an evolution of the current programme and features:

  • 30,000 interviews collected in quarterly fieldwork bursts across the year
  • Focus on Moments of Truth occurring in the 3 months prior to fieldwork
  • Access to data through a bespoke portal for ‘on demand’ analysis
  • Prioritisation of lower incidence Moments of Truth and smaller brands
  • Quarterly infographic service, an annual subscriber workshop and presentation

For the H2 2016 survey we are seeking subscription confirmation by 30th September

For the 2017 programme we are seeking subscription confirmation by 31st October

For more information email Mark Long or Karen Troubridge.

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