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Latest published reports

  • The latest full report is to Q4 2016 and was published in March 2017. The next full report (to Q2 2017) will be published in early September
  • Between full reports, we publish key data each month based on the previous 3 months rolling data. The latest period is the 3 months to July 2017
  • The 2016 annual report annual report, providing data for 2016 on the regions and devolved nations was published in June 2017

The SME Finance Monitor has been providing robust and respected data on access to finance amongst SMEs for over five years, since 2011. These independent reports are used by banks, government, the Bank of England MPC and industry bodies to inform the debate on this key issue.

More than 100,000 interviews have now been conducted by BDRC (4,500 interviews each quarter), building into a considerable data set on SME sentiment around past and future finance needs.

The Monitor is vital for understanding how SMEs are thinking on key financial issues and the business environment. For example, we explore how many SMEs have applied for external finance, what their experience was, and what (if anything) stopped those who did not apply from doing so.

We also explore the extent to which they are aware of the various forms of support and advice available to them when accessing finance. Looking forward, we track how many are planning to grow and the key barriers to running the business as they would wish.

Starting in early 2017 we will be publishing monthly mini-reports, tracking changes in behaviour and sentiment as preparations for Brexit develop.

Both the report and underlying data are made available free to all interested parties, and the quarterly results are widely quoted in the media.  Latest coverage/usage: the SME Finance Monitor is cited in the Bank of England's Credit Conditions Review also used in British Business Bank's the Small Business Finance Markets Report 2015/16


The SME Finance Monitor reports:

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