AIM VisitorVerdict

Free Visitor Survey Service for AIM Member Museums

AIM VisitorVerdict is a completely free visitor survey service for AIM member museums. The service is conducted by BDRC Continental and funded by Arts Council England. The programme has been developed using best practice from the well-known visitor attractions research programme, ALVA Visitor Experience Benchmarking Survey.

The service offers real-time results on an easy-to-use online dashboard. The programme gives you information about who visits your museum, why they are there, what they do on their visit and crucially, what they think of their experience. The results you receive are given industry context by providing a benchmark against similar museums.

AIM VisitorVerdict helps you to measure your visitor experience, prioritise improvements, attract and retain sponsors/funders, contribute to accreditation requirements, guide staff training and inform marketing decisions.

The process is a simple one. First, collect visitors’ email addresses and upload the emails to the online system. The survey invitations are then automatically sent out by the system. Finally, view the results privately on an online dashboard.

Our team will provide you with start-up guidelines and ongoing support. For more information, download Frequently Asked Questions or sign up to the programme by filling in the Pro Forma and send to


A guide for staff and volunteers using VisitorVerdict:

View our reporting pages tutorial to see the type of information you could have access to:

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