National Rail Passenger Survey

By Rebecca Joyner

Transport Focus is an independent body created by the UK Government to give rail passengers a voice. As part of this remit, Transport Focus needs robust, ongoing measure of passenger satisfaction with the railways, which are accepted and acted upon by the industry. The National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) has been running since 1999, for this purpose.

BDRC runs the NRPS on behalf of Transport Focus, surveying around 30,000 rail passengers twice yearly, measuring satisfaction with key elements of their rail journey experience. Key driver analysis is also used to identify drivers of satisfaction or dissatisfaction to provide the industry with guidance on areas of improvement.

The survey enables train operating companies to compare their service to others and to know what areas to act on. The survey is an Official Statistic and contributes to rail companies’ franchise obligations, but rail companies also see the information as a useful aid, helping them to understand how to act to improve their customers' experience.

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