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Brand Margin® illustrates brand value by using an innovative ‘wisdom of crowds’ methodology. It offers a unique perspective from other rankings by investigating consumer perceptions of brand value rather than market value.

The way customers think of brands is critical, since brand value ultimately resides in the mind of the consumer not in the heads of one or two experts or a company CEO. BDRC now has data for over 100 brands across a wide range of sectors and have measured the impact on Brand Margin® of over a dozen advertising campaigns. The method has been validated by comparing data with prices charged (data sourced by ESA Retail – the largest provider of in-store information in the U.K).

Brand Margin® data informed the Marketing Week cover article on the 8th of May 2014: ‘How to prevent slashed prices – Four strategies to stop your brand becoming a commodity’. The research quantified how some brands (such as the AA and British Airways) have the power to command a strong price premium in their sector. Brand Margin® was also presented at the Media Research Group conference by James Myring of BDRC in December 2013.

At the 2015 Annual Hotel Conference Dr Cris Tarrant spoke about the application of Brand Margin® to the hotels sector. Click here to download his presentation.

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