Visionary Thinking ZMET

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Developed by Prof. Gerald Zaltman (Harvard University Business School), ZMET is grounded in the principles of cognitive neuroscience. ZMET identifies underlying feelings relating to a category or brand to inform effective marketing techniques. It is ideal for developing business plans for the repositioning of brands requiring new direction, or for launching a new product.

In response to “What are your thoughts and feelings about ‘x’?” representative images about the topic are collected over a set time-period. An in-depth interview uncovers the fundamental structures that guide people’s thinking about a topic. These unconscious frames of thought manifest in surface metaphors used in everyday language and conversation. These metaphors are rigorously analysed by ZMET researchers to uncover the deeper framework customers use to understand a topic, as well as their emotional needs.

ZMET offers a deep and personal investigation of people’s thought processes regarding a brand or category, enabling clients to address issues of positioning and marketing communications with a powerful new perspective.

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