For almost all organisations, compliance in one form or another has become a permanent feature of the operational landscape. Compliance is a broad term and can encompass frameworks set externally, by a regulatory body or internally to reflect brand guidelines and customer engagement, for example.

Conduct risk, due diligence and regulatory adherence are now high on the agenda for board members.   Consequently, access to systematic and reliable measurement is key.  That’s where our compliance consultants can help.

Our skill set includes a full range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, for ad-hoc or on-going research that helps you measure and benchmark compliance and regulatory performance. We also offer specialist techniques, including mystery shopping, that are unique to BDRC. Take a tour of Our Solutions and Our Experts below.

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"....helpful for us being able to challenge providers, and engage with them to agree with changes to their behaviour which we expect to lead to a better experience for consumers now, and in future. So a very valuable piece of work."

Titi Familusi - Ofcom

Our Solutions

We offer proprietory solutions in addition to the full range of quantitative and qualitative techniques. All of our solutions have been developed or refined within BDRC and have proved their value in numerous research projects – to the extent that some have registered patents or trade marks.

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